Edwin Yaell

Meet Edwin Yaell

Creative Videographer.
Artistic Film Editor.
Committed Moment.

Edwin “Yaell” Figueroa is originally from Puerto Rico and has worked in Puerto Rico and the U.S. for the past thirteen years as a filmmaker, photojournalist, video producer, video editor, and artist.

Edwin Yaell is a graduate of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón of Puerto Rico in Telecommunications. Edwin has developed in the field of television and cinematography for more than 1 decade. He has worked for film and television production companies, marketing and advertising agencies, television channels, among many more.

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4-time Emmy® winner

Awards winner National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Lone Star Chapter

Edwin Yaell: A Master of videography and editing honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Emmy Awards - Lone Star Chapter

Edwin Yaell is a talented videographer and editor whose relentless dedication and hard work have earned him the recognition and admiration of his peers in the industry. His distinguished career has been celebrated on four occasions by the prestigious National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Emmy Awards – Lone Star Chapter, a testament to his exceptional contributions to the worlds of television and cinema.

It comes as no surprise that Edwin has received multiple nominations throughout his career, given his skill in capturing unforgettable moments and his ability to breathe life into stories through his editing expertise. He truly stands as a master in his field.

Join us on a journey through his creativity and unique vision, which continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of audiovisual art. In the video below, he was honored with an Emmy Award, where you can witness the contributions of Edwin Yaell and a remarkable team of professionals who are leaders in the cinematic industry.

2021 Lone Star Regional Emmy® Awards

Photographer / Editor Category: Documentary - Cultural / Historical Project: Voces de Borikén DFW

2019 Lone Star Regional Emmy® Awards

Photographer / Editor Category: Historic/Cultural - News Single Story / Feature / News Series Project: Campanas de la Catedral

2019 Lone Star Regional Emmy® Awards

Photographer / Editor Category: Specialy Assignment Report - Program / Special / Feature / Segment Project: Separacíon de Familias

2019 Lone Star Regional Sport Emmy® Awards

Photographer / Editor Category: News Single Story Project: Campeona de Alto Vuelo

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